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Welcome to the Bird Houses by Mark Honey Store. Featuring Andrews Honey Bees and Wild Horse Canyon Farms Gourmet Wine Jellies and Gourmet Fruit Spreads.  

The Honey

Andrews have over 1,000 honey bee hives that can be transported to various fields to produce thedesired nectar variety. Andrews is the only honey producer in Oklahoma that seperates their honey by nectar variety.This is NOT flavored honey. The different varieties are determined by what the bees eat.

This is truly the best tasting honey that you have ever tried.

All of our honey 100% pure raw honey and is screen at room temperatures. The honey, unlike most of thehoney you purchase in stores, is not cooked. Cooking destroys all of the natural bee pollen and emzines thatnaturally occur in honey.

The Jellies and Spreads

Our Gourmet Wine Jellies and Gourmet Fruit Spreads are produced by Wild Horse Canyon Farms in Luther, Oklahoma.

Wildhorse Canyon Farms is located in the wine corridor of central Oklahoma just off historic Route 66. At Wildhorse Canyon Farms They are attempting to capture the full flavor and taste of the grapes and fruits that have been enjoyed by countless generations. All of their gourmet spreads are made from only choice ingredients with less sugar, more fruit, and pure 100% juice or wine, made one small batch at a time, like grandma used to make. This way every bite creates a lasting memory.